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Every 2 Minutes A Woman Is Assaulted...
Keep Your Family From Becoming Another Statistic
The Nano Banshee personal alarm uses focused sound to keep you and your family from becoming another statistic
What Is The Nano Banshee?
The nano Banshee is a personal, self defense siren inspired by the military to keep women and children safe from crime. 

When activated, it's louder than a car horn, an ambulance siren, and a jet engine! Which means if you're being attacked, it's loud enough to scare off an attacker and alert nearby help you're in trouble.
How Does It Work?
  • Easy on/off button- on off button is easy to press in an emergency situation (and no, you won't accidentally set it off)
  • It's 130 decibels- which means it's louder than a jet engine when activated.
  • It has a flashlight- getting in and out of your car at night? use the nano banshee's powerful LED light
  • Take with you anywhere- unlike pepper spray, the nano banshee can be taken anywhere, even on a plane
  • Military inspired design- designed after a powerful military crowd control device called an LRAD
With Over 200,000 Sold, Here's What Our Customers Are Saying:
Who Needs A Nano Banshee?

A Must Have For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens aren't as strong as they used to be, and can't always call for help or defend themselves. The nano banshee is perfect for seniors who want to stay protected, and let others know they need help with the simple push of a button

Use To Prevent Animal Attacks

Because animals have such sensitive ears, the nano banshee is perfect for stopping animal attacks, and sending the animal running the other direction

Give To Your Children To Protect Themselves

Often times when confronted by a strange adult, children will freeze and won't know what to do. But if you arm them with a Nano Banshee, all they have to do is hit a button and all the good people around them will come to your child's rescue. 

Perfect For Women Who Walk Alone

There are over 100,000 assaults per year on women in the US alone! Although we like to think we live in a safe world, the reality is you can't trust everyone. The nano banshee is the perfect solution for women who travel alone. 

Take It With You On A Hike

If you're going for a hike, and want to make sure you're protected against wild animals, or to let others know where you are if you get lost, the nano banshee is the perfect solution. It's small, portable, and loud as hell!

Great For College Students

Sending your daughter off to college is a scary thing every parent must go through. She's on her own, and you're not there to protect her. Why not enable her to protect herself? A Nano Banshee is the perfect gift for a college student who will be walking around campus in the dark, going to parties, etc. 
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